Scotland resources

While planning the Scotland leg of my trip, I found some of the following resources helpful. Please share any others that should be added. For more general travel help, see the “Planning resources” page.


Where I’m staying

Lodging tips

  • If visiting during the high season (August and September), book far ahead. Many places were fully booked for September when I tried eight months out.
  • I received responses more quickly using email, rather then the online inquiry forms.
  • Some b&bs won’t accept reservations unless the stay is at least two nights.
  • Some accept cash only. However, this may save money on credit card fees.
  • Understand the difference between ensuite and standard.
  • The quoted price is almost always inclusive of all charges, including any taxes.
  • Bonus: A cooked breakfast is almost always included in the price of the room.


Transportation tips

  • Local coaches, buses and ferries don’t post schedules or sell tickets until two or three months out.
  • Although travel and credit card insurance typically covers collision damage, some rental car companies require a waiver and add it to the cost.
  • When driving in Europe, go small. It helps with narrow streets and small parking spaces.

Guides and activities

Travel assistance



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1 Response to Scotland resources

  1. Bill Kiefaber says:

    What an incredible list of resources. We will not need a travel guide after you visit all of Europe for us. You will be missed, my friend.

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