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High old time (Part 2)

I’m in Peru, preparing to hike the Inca Quarry Trail and visit Machu Picchu. To read “High old time (Part 1),” please see the previous post. After breakfast, our group of nine turned in our packed duffels and left Cusco in the … Continue reading

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High old time (Part 1)

A few days before arriving in Peru, I began taking acetazolamide pills as a precaution against altitude sickness. Some people are not affected by high altitude, but I didn’t want to risk enjoying my trek to Machu Picchu in order … Continue reading

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In the animal kingdom

I had every intention of following Galápagos National Park’s simple rule: Maintain at least six feet of distance from the wildlife. However, the animals were not as compliant. Blue-footed boobies waddled right up to my hiking shoes. Sea lions grazed … Continue reading

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Rocks of ages

The history of the American Southwest is written in stone. It is written in silver ore and petrified wood. In lava flows and cinder fields. On the walls of canyons and caves. In the ruins of pueblos. It is written … Continue reading

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Bright lights, dark sky

The lights dart across the Texas desert, pulsing, merging and then disappearing. Some people believe they are UFOs; others, the ghosts of Spanish conquistadors. A cowboy first reported seeing them in 1883. He thought they were campfires of the Apache. … Continue reading

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Prost, y’all

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner in Texas. Unless you’re in Hill Country, where it might be bratwurst. In the mid-1800s, tens of thousands of German immigrants settled in central and southwest Texas, which, at the time, was its own country. … Continue reading

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Back on the road

This week, I’m starting a four-week road trip from Austin, Texas, to Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona. It will be my longest trip in nearly a year. After three years of nearly non-stop travel, I felt a need to … Continue reading

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