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Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people. (Thor Heyerdahl) I left Palm Springs, where the streets are named after stars, and drove east to Phoenix. In some stretches, sandstorms … Continue reading

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Wandering in the desert

Oh, and I remember something you once told me And I’ll be damned if it did not come true. Twenty thousand roads I went down, down, down And they all lead me straight back home to you. (Gram Parsons, 1973) … Continue reading

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Death Valley days

Funeral Mountains. Starvation Canyon. Deadman Pass. The names are not subtle, because Death Valley is not a hospitable place. Hottest, driest, lowest—it is a land of extremes. In July 1913, the highest temperature ever recorded anywhere, 134 degrees, was reached … Continue reading

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Back to the future

Seven hundred years ago, in a canyon west of what is now Albuquerque, a Native American chiseled the image of a star onto a boulder. Today, eighty miles south of this same canyon, an astronomer points an array of radio … Continue reading

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Into the vortex

Sedona’s red-rock monoliths punctuate the blue horizon in fanciful, rounded shapes, imitating the forms for which they are named: Mother and Child Rock, Twin Nuns, Three Golden Chiefs, Eagle Head Rock, Rabbit Ears, Coffee Pot Rock, Cathedral Rock, Steamboat Rock, … Continue reading

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Austin City unlimited

Texans are feisty about protecting their freedoms—and equally spirited about celebrating them. In the city of Austin, freedom of expression is often celebrated through music. The city bills itself as the Live Music Capital of the World. The Austin Chronicle lists 250 venues … Continue reading

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Rose, Hurricane Roger, and the 11,000 virgins

The US Virgin Islands (USVIs) are like siblings—related by blood and separated by disposition. One is a popular socialite who wears glitzy jewelry and talks loud. One is laid-back and loves the outdoors. Another is an introvert with an abiding … Continue reading

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