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In the weeds on Karpaz

I ended my stay in Cyprus on the remote Karpaz (also known as Karpas, Karpass, Karpasia, Kırpaşa, and a few more) Peninsula, the island’s panhandle. Isolated by geography, the fifty-mile-long peninsula is within the occupied territory of northern Cyprus. Karpaz … Continue reading

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All along the watchtowers

Perhaps no where is the rift between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus more obvious than in Lefkosia, the only divided capital in the world. (Turkish-Cypriots call the city Lefkoşa. Many call it Nicosia, thanks to the French-speaking Crusaders.) … Continue reading

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The other side

But that is what islands are for; they are places where different destinies can meet and intersect in the full isolation of time. (Lawrence Durrell, Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus) Traveling alone has both advantages and disadvantages, the greatest disadvantage being separation from … Continue reading

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Also known as

The city of Pafos is also known as Paphos. And Baf. And Gazibaf. And Ktima. And Kasaba. Every place on Cyprus, it seems, has two or more names. A crossing point I used between Cyprus and northern Cyprus is known … Continue reading

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That state up north

During football season, Buckeye fans in central Ohio sometimes refer to the state to the north as, well, “that state up north.” A much more serious version of this intentional slight is playing out on the island of Cyprus. On … Continue reading

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